Trucking Accidents Are On The Rise

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We all want our orders filled quickly. Amazon is amazing about how fast they can have items delivered to your door. Because we have grown to expect and desire quick deliveries, businesses are now under pressure to get their goods to the market quicker. Most of the products we buy every day are delivered by trucks. Especially in Orlando and the Central Florida area, it is almost impossible to drive down an interstate highway and not see a truck. We see trucks now pulling two or more trailers and large buses and motor homes pulling multiple trailers. Why does this create traffic concerns for drivers? The bigger and heavier the truck, the longer it takes that truck to stop to avoid a collision. Recently we saw a 50-car pile up on the news, which occurred on a snow-covered roadway. Videos of that accident show that the tractor-trailers were not able to stop in time to avoid it. In bad weather conditions, the stopping distances increase significantly.

We at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre have seen some very severe crashes involving tractor-trailers, some of which have involved the vehicles bursting into flames from fuel being spilled. Remember that these trucks carry hundreds of gallons of fuel that can cause a major fire if the fuel tanks are ruptured. Truck drivers and their companies are under pressure to make timely deliveries. There are both Federal and State regulations that limit the number of hours a truck driver can be driving per day. However, truck drivers regularly violate those regulations and frequently carry two sets of log books in their trucks, one for the law enforcement officer and one for the company for payment. When drivers fall behind in their deliveries, they will try to catch up their deliveries, as some delivery contracts have penalties or the trucking companies may just be fearful of losing the customer. Not all trucking companies are large and well-funded. Many are small, mom-and-pop-type operations and may only have one or two trucks. These are the most dangerous because they are running on a shoestring budget and trying to make as much money as possible while they lower their delivery rates to get the business.

We have seen these companies that are in violation that may not even be carrying the required insurance to be operating a tractor-trailer on our highways. We understand the trucking laws and regulations and can assist those injured in trucking accidents by digging into the facts to determine where the company and driver may have violated those laws and regulations.

The injuries that result from trucking accidents are usually very significant. These massive trucks produce significant forces and will crush many cars and the people therewithin.

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– Alice Bailey

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