How to Prepare for Your Attorney Consultation

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Attorney Consultation

We understand that the process of meeting with your potential lawyer can be a stressful experience. You may have doubts about their abilities, questions about their services or unknowns about your case itself, but meeting, face-to-face, is a vital aspect of finding an attorney that is the right fit for you and your case. Before your first attorney consultation, make sure you consider these five tips to get the most out of your meeting.

5 Ways You Can Prepare for Your Attorney Consultation

  • Collect Your Document: Important documents, such as bills paid due to damages, photographic evidence of injuries or property damages, verification of lost wages, and medical records are all important to have together and organized in order for the attorney to provide an accurate assessment.
  • Bring and Take Notes: You may be stressed or intimidated while discussing the details of your case for the first time. This is natural, but you can combat some of those jitters by coming in with a notepad of questions to ask during your attorney consultation. You can also use this pad to jot down notes to review after the meeting.
  • Ask Questions: Speaking of questions, never be afraid to ask an attorney anything that concerns you about your case. Chances are, your potential attorney has heard it all before and has the answers you need to make claims with confidence. Do not forget to also ask the attorney for their specialty, experience and any other lingering questions you may.
  • Recall and Revisit: Hopefully, you are contacting an attorney soon after the accident or incident occurred, but even so, memories fade fast and details can be hard to come by. Revisit the details of your incident, even write them down, before your attorney consultation. The more accurate the recollection, the better your attorney can serve you.
  • Nothing but the Truth: Many are often conflicted about telling their attorney something personal, potentially harmful to their case or embarrassing. Always remember that a lawyer is not allowed to speak about your case without your permission. Without knowing the truth of your incident or accident, there is little hope of having a successful case.

After your attorney consultation, you should generally have a grasp on whether the attorney is right for your case or not. Be sure to do some research even before agreeing to an attorney consultation, just to save some precious time. As we have mentioned before, a good outcome for your case can hinge on how quickly you can have the right attorney begin his or her work for you. Do not hesitate or procrastinate if you feel that you may have a case on your hands.


Al guided me thru a Social Security Disability hearing. His legal counsel allowed me to win my disability request at my first hearing.  Al’s knowledge, expertise, and professionalism brought about a favorable result.

– Rich

On September 29, 2015, a serious auto crash changed our lives forever. Injuries sustained by my husband and I resulted in a long hospital stay and several subsequent surgeries. Two years later, we are both still dealing with injury related issues. Within a few days of the crash, we asked a relative about getting an attorney and they recommended Tom DeLattre (Wieland Hilado & DeLattre). Tom returned my husband’s call that same day and arranged to meet with us at the hospital. He explained the process and assured us that he would handle the auto insurance companies. He explained that our job was to work on our recovery. He was always available for questions and would return calls on weekends and while on vacation. We are very happy with the fair settlement that Tom DeLattre worked out with the insurance companies. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends or other family members.

– L. Newsome